Who we are

We are a team of talented, focused and experienced Marketing and Communication professionals who are committed to delivering positive results for clients.

Our staff of passionate and knowledgeable employees is dedicated to providing you with only the highest quality products and services available today.

Birdman brings cutting-edge thinking and impeccable execution to every project, whether it’s a Marketing Strategy, designing a Brand Identity, rewriting a Report in plain language, building a Website with Social Media tools, or a Direct-Marketing Subscription or Fund-Raising Campaign.

Birdman is a full-service, one-stop creative design shop with expertise in all media.

At Birdman we are JUST CREATIVE!

Our Vision

To become the most preferred creative design solutions provider in Malawi.

Our Values

Professionalism, Integrity, Efficiency, Independence, Safety.

Our Services

Today’s marketplace is crowded with products, messages and ideas.
You may have taken steps to build a unique brand identity and set yourself apart from the competition, or you may be searching for a firm to help you do so.

Birdman can help you understand all the brand-building tools and strategies you could put to use.

Growing a brand is similar to growing a garden: there’s both heavy lifting and careful cultivation to be done, but the work is rewarding—and also fun.

We can show you how to combine strategy and creativity to clarify your brand identity, reach users, increase awareness and win loyalty.

Birdman’s creative team produces a wide range of print and digital communications products, including substantial reports, brochures, event materials, advertisements, magazines, books, websites and more.

Specializing in strong brand identity development, we can create compelling visual identities, logos and brand guidelines.

We offer services in all facets of the design process, including concept design, layout and production, photography management and print management.

Because people process information in different ways, we develop concepts that “speak” on different levels, in a perfect integration of image and text.

Through close collaboration with our clients and internal brainstorming sessions, our design team develops concepts that exceed clients’ expectations.

Birdman’s direct marketing team helps you reach out to the masses.

We offer four core direct marketing services: subscription campaigns, fund-raising, advertising sales for magazines (including distribution management), and research and client satisfaction surveys.

Because people process information in different ways, we develop concepts that “speak” on different levels, in a perfect integration of image and text.

Through close collaboration with our clients and internal brainstorming sessions, our design team develops concepts that exceed clients’ expectations.

Birdman provides a full range of content development, including writing, editing, research, translation, proofreading and parallel reading, in both official languages.

Organisations come to us when they need compelling content for reports, speeches, news releases, articles, media material, fact sheets, presentations, Power Point presentations, educational and training modules, advertising and promotional copy, website content, blogs and other products.

We know how to create accessible content for websites and PDFs, and our specialty is plain language—making complex, overwritten material concise and easy to understand.

More and more, our clients want integrated digital solutions that use social media to achieve their goals.

We provide social media marketing strategies and develop any tools our clients wish to use, from blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

We manage day-to-day social media campaigns for our clients—including developing the content—as well as provide monitoring and analytics, ensure social media increase web traffic, and provide training on social media best practices.

Strategies encompass more than just the ways and means of delivering the message.

The most successful marketing and communications strategies don’t revolve around hard deliverables; instead, they stay focused on audiences: how to engage them, how to meet their needs, and how to receive their feedback through measurement and evaluation.

We understand that success begins with a realistic blueprint—detailed enough for precise action, yet flexible enough to encourage creativity and invention.

We have the experience needed to manage complex, large-scale initiatives as well as more modest projects.

Birdman  developes training programs that are customizable, entertaining, offer hands-on learning, and result in clearer communications for your organization.

We are also in process of developing various online training courses, as well as educational simulation courses.

Webcasting is the next frontier and we’re already perfecting this enviro-friendly way to present information to viewers spread over wide distances.

More than ever, videos are being used to deliver messages and offer education and training.

Our digital team stays on the forefront of trends and consumer preferences.

We conduct research, write scripts, shoot the pictures (video or stills), record voice-overs, produce videos and do all the post-production editing and effects.

Birdman is also in the world of documentary filmmaking.

Websites, multimedia products, video, social media and other digital solutions have taken the spotlight in communications campaigns.

Our digital team is tuned in to the latest trends and consumer preferences, so much so that we have a dedicated social media team as well.

Our web team has all the requirements covered—including design, mobile device apps, advanced content management systems, pay-per-click campaigns, searchable databases, strategic plans for website architecture, customized search engine optimization and e-commerce solutions.

We also offer Web Hosting services, Domain Name Registration and Domain Based E-mails.

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