Your Business Needs a Website

Your Business Needs a Website

Your Busniess Needs a Website

Your Business Needs a Website

Your business needs a Website as consumer behaviour has changed to adapt to the new digital era.

For instance, printed telephone directories which were popular not so long ago, have been replaced with online directories. People no longer use telephone directories when searching for businesses.

Today, the number of people who use the internet to find businesses has increased tremendously. Searching businesses is fast on the internet.

Getting your business online is a must for the business to compete favourably and succeed on the market!

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Website

1. Your Customers Expect It

Today’s customers expect you to have a website and can be hesitant to trade with you if your business doesn’t have one.

A website will help you generate business, increase brand recall value, promote goodwill in front of customers and target audience.

A website markets your business 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year!

2. Website Offers Social Proof

Customer behaviour is driven mostly by what others have to say about your business.

Including customer testimonials on your website is a great way to impress potential buyers and provide social proof.

3. Control the Narrative

Influence your brand perception by writing your own story on the website regardless of what others say.

A website is an efficient marketing way to help a brand spread its message, vision and mission.

If you don’t have a website, guess who will get the business?

Definitely, not you! But that competitor next door, who has a great-looking website.

4. Maximize Return On Investment

A website helps you reach a wider target audience for promoting your services and products.

The content on the website influences buying decisions and commercial transactions.

Creating a website doesn’t cost a lot of money, yet provides more money for your business in return.

5. Website Adds To Company’s Credibility

For the market to take your business seriously, then consider investing in a professionally designed website.

People are likely to engage with a company they can trust, and the website is the stepping stone towards building that relationship.

6. Have More Constructive Conversations

A website answers all basic questions your potential customers may have about your business and brand.

Website visitors seek answers to basic questions like what you do, your products/solutions, your location, contact details, etc.

Once they are satisfied with all that, they decide to either follow up or not.

Remember, when you provide such information, keep it simple and short since consumers these days expect immediate gratification.

7. Compete With Other Industry Goliaths

Did you know that having a website gives you a fair chance to compete with the giants of your industry?

All your industry’s giants have a website running.

A simple website boasts your business’ image.

8. Fading Social Media Reach

If you think having a page on social media is enough to attract new customers, think again.

It is not enough to have a Facebook page, because every other business has it.

While social media networks have the potential to increase business, banking just on them can be a huge mistake.

A mistake that can prove to be costly in the years to come.

9. Expand Your Working Hours

Having a website means that your content is available to customers 24/7 – as per the customer’s convenience.

Being accessible at all times supports marketing and increases sales dramatically, and this is especially true for e-commerce companies.

10. Showcase Your Offers

It cannot be stressed enough that a website is the first interaction of your target audience with your brand.

A website displays your special offerings, provide short video tutorials and/or downloadable PDF instructions.

You can also highlight your awards, testimonials and all the features that can alleviate your visitors’ pain points.

This increases the average time your customers spend on the website and perhaps influence their decision to contact you.

Tips to Get Started

Now that you’ve understood why your business needs a website, let’s look at some ways to get started.

1. Birdman can help you choose a Domain Name for your business i.e.

2.  Birdman offers professional tailor-made website designing solutions according to your industries standards.

3. Birdman’s web hosting solutions effortlessly responds to changes on your website quickly and economically.

The anticipated changes include when your business expands, downsizes, or has other important updates.

Contact Birdman for your  Website Development and Hosting Needs

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